We’re here for you and your bike!

We provide top-notch service with the goal of providing long-term reliability and enjoyment of your bicycle. We can do it all in our full service shop, from bike building to overhauls to safety inspections. Our purpose is to keep your bicycle maintained for everyday use, because we believe not only in professional service, but most importantly, bicycles as transportation and a new way to get around!

We believe in quality products, servicing those products as tools that must be cared for, and creating long-term relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and the city of Denver. You can call us at (720) 572-1500 to schedule service, or just stop on by the shop, our technicians can answer any questions you may have about servicing & repairing your bike.


Service Packages.

Bike Check-Up - $50
Know before you go. This is an adjustment package that covers shifting and braking. We also check all critical hardware and wear-and-tear parts to make sure your bicycle is safe, fun, and functioning properly. This service is popular for those needing a little bike TLC before an upcoming event or trip.

Framework Tune - $90 
The difference is in the details. This comprehensive tune-up includes all the adjustments to keep your bike running smooth year after year. In addition to the shift and brake adjustment, we dive deeper with bearing preload adjustments, wheel truing, and meticulous lubing. This service is recommended as an annual tune for clean and lightly used bikes.

Frameworks Special: Pro Tune & Clean - $140
Spa day for your bicycle. The magic happens before we get to the tune up. The chain, cassette, crankset, and derailleurs are removed and cleaned. The frame and wheels are wiped down and the bike is tuned from a clean slate. This service is popular as an annual tune for commuters, roadies, and trail riders alike.

Overhaul - $280
All the fixings. We start from scratch on this service, removing all components. After cleaning, new cables and housing (parts included) are installed. There is no additional labor charge for any other component installation that is wanted or needed. Bearing assemblies are overhauled allowing for the bike to be tuned to its maximum potential. This service is popular for both competitive cyclists who demand the most from their equipment and for those who want to restore an old classic.

Drivetrain Services.

Chain Install - $10
Replace your chain at 0.5-.075% to preserve the rest of your drivetrain.

Cassette Install - $10
Get the gear range that suits your needs or replace a worn one.

Chainring Install - $15
Often the longest lasting wear and tear component. Be proud when it is time to replace.

Crank Install - $20
Spin to win.

Bottom Bracket Install - $30
Includes removal and reinstallation of crank.

Accessory Install.

Bar Wrap - $15 
Neat and tidy.

Basket - $10
For small dogs and other things.

Computer - $15
Log your miles.

Computer with Cadence - $25
Spin to win.

Rear Rack - $20
Haul your gear.

Kickstand/Saddle/Grips - $5
Five-dollar fixings.


Brake & Derailleur.

Brake Adjustment - $10
Ride fast, stop fast.

Break Bleed - $30
Hydraulic fluid replacement.

Brake Pad Install - $15
Friction is your friend.

Cable/Housing Install External - $15
Friction is your enemy.

Cable/Housing Install Internal - $25
They are there, you just can’t see them.

Derailleur Adjustment - $10
Make shifting gears great again.

Derailleur Install - $20
Time for a new down-dangler?

Brake install - $30
Are you power hungry?

Brake Lever Install - $15
Do you have enough leverage?

Flat Bar Shifter Install - $30.00
Time for a quicker clicker.

Other Services.

Bike Build (box) - $85
Assembly and adjustments for boxed shipped or new bikes.

Box Bike for Shipping - $75
Disassembly and packing for shipping. Box and padding materials are included.

Install Road Handlebar - $40
Includes shift/brake lever swap and taping bar.

Install Flat Handlebar - $25
For mountain, hybrid, and cruiser bikes.

Install Stem - $10
Small changes in hight and length can make a big difference in fit and handling.

Fork Install - $45
Includes cutting steerer, installing star nut, crown race, bar/stem, and brake.

Cut Steerer Tube - $10
For the low riders. 

Star Nut Install - $10
Or compression plug.

Crown Race Install - $10
Mates the bottom portion of the fork to a specific headset.

Headset Install - $20
Headset: The bearing assembly that allows steering.