Coming to North Denver in early August!


Changing how Denver gets around


Let’s change how we get around.

Want to drive less, get more exercise, cruise with the kids, pick up the groceries, haul camping gear, travel with your bike and just enjoy life a little more? That’s why we’re here! Our mission is not only to change how Denver gets around, but to bring fun, fresh & healthy ideas to the community.

Let’s find your perfect bike.

Let us sift through the options for you, come get personal and take some test rides, we don’t bite! Our staff has the experience and knowledge needed to get you peddling the bike of your dreams and transform the way you get around.

We uphold our commitment to the community through a rigorous selection of technology, top-notch service and an inherent passion for the future of transportation and commuting in Denver.

We’re geared to open shop early August, stay tuned!


Molding future generations thru bicycles.

Framework Cycles (along with Pinwheel Coffee next door) are not your average local businesses. The shops double as real world classrooms for an integrated micro-middle school called Embark Education. The student’s learning experiences are embedded into the day to day shop operations. The students benefit from a truly integrated curriculum in which math, english, science, and history are artfully woven together so that no content or skill is learned in isolation.

Bikes can teach us so much about science, take centripetal force for example. It's what keeps us from falling over on a bike while we're moving! The motion of the wheels is like a gyroscope and carries a lot of force and momentum with it. You can actually calculate the centripetal force of your bike as it rounds a curved bank by following the equation: F = mass x velocity squared, divided by the radius of the circle the curved bank is part of.